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First things first, however, if you don't have your high school diploma yet, you need to get that taken care of. You don't have to actually go back to high school to get it, you can probably take the classes you need at a community college or you can simply study for the GED exam. If you pass the GED exam, you will be awarded your GED. Read more

If you want to go to college but you have a personal or family situation that doesn't allow you to commute to classes every day, perhaps an online school option would for you. Read more

If you're looking for a career, consider computers and technology. Computer science and information technology degrees are practically gold when it comes to the job search. Having a bachelor of science degree in information technology or computer science is a terrific start to a career with plenty of potential. Read more

Or how about working as a chef? If you like to cook (and maybe eat too), working in the kitchen of a great restaurant might be a great way to make a living. You will probably work evenings and the work pace is pretty intense at the busy hours, but it may be something that you would really enjoy. Read more

If the idea of working in a restaurant sounds appealing, but you really aren't into cooking very much, then maybe the aspect of managing a restaurant is more to your liking. Some schools offer a hospitality management degree that will help train you to manage a restaurant, hotel, or other similar business.

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