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You can decide to enroll in classes at a traditional campus or through an online program. Students in Florida have plenty of options here. There are good colleges scattered all over the state and there are solid online options as well. And instead of deciding between a campus school or an online one, you could also go with both -- take some classes online and take some in a classroom. Many schools are providing this option now.

South Carolina is much the same way. There is probably a good university close to your home, but there are also online options too. You just have to decide which route is right for you. See your options

Oregon has fewer colleges. They have two big universities -- The University of Oregon and Oregon State University -- in the two rather small cities of Eugene and Corvallis. The bulk of the other post secondary schools are in Portland

If you really don't want to spend a long time in college (for instance, if you want to get a job as soon as possible), then perhaps a vocational or technical college would be right for you. Vocational schools can often get you trained for a new career in one year. See more

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