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You may not be able to decide the exact topics you'll be teaching in the classroom, but you certainly have the choice of which subject(s) you will teach. While the traditional reading, writing, math, and history are big in the K-12 grades, if you can acquire the knowledge and the formal education, you have more options in the post-secondary education sector.

Business offers a lot of options. Business has several areas -- marketing, accounting, management, finance -- you can decide which is your area. Learn more

Engineering typically calls for instructors experienced in the field. There are so many different fields of engineering, and each one different from the next. Most students need to decide early in their college years which area of engineering they are willing to commit to. Read more

While most people think of the well-known universities in Indiana, like Notre Dame or Purdue, there are other good schools of all kinds scattered across the state. Learn more

And in Colorado, while a lot of students flock to colleges in Denver, there are schools in cities such as Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. See more

And if you are in a location or a situation where you just can't enroll at a traditional campus-based university, you can always consider some online school options. Online classes are very popular now and employers are coming around to understanding the validity of a degree from an online school. Read more

College recommendations to take into consideration to investigate courses in majors that include art, mass communications, health sciences or business.
Teaching degrees find for-profit academic institutions and education courses.
Choices on schools for a few more decent alternatives when picking your possible college or university.

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