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Gordon College

Located in Barnesville, Georgia, Gordon College is a state residential college.

It was founded in 1852 with the aim to provide higher education to both girls and boys.

The college offers a wide range of programs under five academic divisions:
1. Business and Social Sciences
2. Teaching and Education
3. Mathematics and Natural Sciences
4. Humanities
5. Nursing and Health Sciences

Their School of Education offers the following degrees:

Associate Degrees:
• Early Childhood Education
• Middle Grades Education
• Secondary Education
• Health and Physical Education

Bachelor Degrees
• Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Special Education
• Bachelor of Science in Mathematics or Biology with Secondary Teaching Certification
• Bachelor of Arts in English or History with Secondary Teaching Certification

By having less than 25:1 student teacher ratio, the college strives to present an intimate academic environment. The college takes pride in providing individualized attention to its students.

Gordon State College also offers online courses such as non-academic credit programs and many others for teaching professionals. The courses are interactive and facilitated by expert instructors.

The school is part of the National Junior College Athletic Association. There are various clubs and extracurricular activities that keep the students mentally and physically active throughout the year.

Gordon College attempts for campus life to be an all-around experience for the students. Students can interact with others and strengthen their interpersonal skills.

Gordon makes every effort to provide commitment to not only each student's education but also to public service and economic developmental activities.

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